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While there are great online tools available for real estate agents, great signage is still one of the best ways to build your brand.  Consider that buyers sellers and buyer agents may never see your listings on Zillow or follow you on Twitter, but they will drive by your real estate yard sign.  If you have more than one listing in the neighborhood, they may see your name and the words “for sale” multiple times per day. Who do you think they’re going to call when they decide to sell or buy?  Your Real Estate Signs are a critical TACTIC of your overall marketing.

The key to successful real estate marketing is to have multiple tactics both offline and online that drive your logo/brand.  Whether it is on your sign, your business card, your website or your emails, keep it consistent.

Realty Signs

In every competitive industry, the successful find ways to stand out and get noticed.  You must invest in your brand, you must ask yourself what are you doing to invest in your future success.  Our marketing tools designed by some of the best designers will help you get seen and stand out.  From Custom Signs, Sign Riders to Sign Frames to Product Giveaways Lone Star Media has your solution.  Give us a call!  210-212-3123

Door Hangers are a Time Tested Marketing Strategy That Works

Full-Color Door hangers from Lone Star Media are a great way to market yourself and your properties.  This marketing strategy includes:

  • Visibility – Door hangers are hard to ignore. 
  • Novelty –  Many people are so used to receiving marketing materials in the mail that they instinctively don’t even read them before throwing them away. Since door hangers are rarer, people might at least read them quickly instead of throwing them straight in the garbage.
  • Flexibility – Virtually No size limitations for door hangers, there are almost no restrictions at all. You can staple business cards to them, include bags with fridge magnets or pamphlets, all while keeping your distribution costs the same.
  • Pricing – A very affordable marketing tactic that has great potential return on investments.

Need help with the design?  Lone Star Media can help.

Call one of the advertising experts at Lone Star Media today!

A great way to market yourself is with full-color door hangers.

What should a Good Real Estate Sign / Message Do?

Many times we want to include a lot of details on our signs, that is OK to a point.  For example, if the message is still clear and does not get cluttered then include as many details as possible.  To further these goals, it’s important to have a clear message. Like any advertisement, a good real estate sign has one purpose: to convey a message to your audience.  You can use design in order to make sure you’re sending the right message.

  1. Attract buyer leads to a particular listing
  2. Attract buyer leads to your brand
  3. Attract seller leads to your brand
  4. Help build your sphere of influence

For most signs, you will have 4 basic messages:

  1. Your name
  2. Your phone number
  3. Company name or logo
  4. Descriptive text e.g. “For Sale” “Open House” etc.

Your brand and identity may need some updates, tweaks or renewal.  Let our experts guide you through this pain-free process based on our years of experience with designing and producing real estate signs.

A well thought out marketing plan is also very important for the success of your real estate business.  There are a number of great articles /blogs out there regarding the subject.  Here are some good tips…

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