Catering Company Advertising with Custom Decals

Better ads through vehicle wraps

Mobile Marketing and Advertising with Car Decals, Custom Decals and Vehicle Wraps

Mobile marketing and advertising reaches between 30k- 70k views per day.

  • 30% of mobile advertising viewers base buying decisions on ads they see
  • Vehicle wraps reach 95% of Americans
  • You could convert every traffic jam into a marketing opportunity
  • Signs attract half of a start-up business’ new customers
No doubt those are BIG impression numbers, what’s even more impressive is every one has the same opportunity to go mobile with our advertising.   Here are some additional facts that will drive home the point……

Mobile marketing is one of the most affordable and effective forms of marketing and advertising, reaching consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousands Impressions.

vehicle decals / wraps

Mobile Marketing with vehicle graphics

Costs per thousand

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